During a short trip to Western Australia, the 2019 PWA Vice World Champion Matteo Iachino stopped by the Severne loft at Revolution boardsports in Perth for an informative evening covering the most recent developments in the world of foiling, freeriding and racing.

Everyone attending the event had the chance to ask Matteo directly about the latest and the greatest from the world of racing along with questions about technique and gear setup.

The current Mach3 racing, Hyper Glide 2, Hyper Glide Go and Foil Glide sails were covered along with tips on how to set them up correctly. And everyone got an insight into how Matteo sets his gear up and prepares himself for the season.

Matteo is already in the middle of preparations for the 2020 PWA season which will kick off 31st of March at Le Jai beach in Marignane, France.

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