MARGARET RIVER Windsurfing Wave Classic

The 2024 Margaret River Wave Classic in Western Australia will happen this year from February 1st – 4th

Severne is proud to support this year’s event, and to see World class wave competition return to “margs” yet again.


The organisers have published the following details.

Friday, February 2nd
Registration, ITW & Dinner 6-9 pm at The Common. Please note, no registrations will be accepted after Friday night.

Saturday, February 3rd
Contest Day: Forecast 6-8 ft and south winds.

Sunday, February 4th
Contest Day: Forecast 6 ft and south-easterly winds.

We will have 2 jet skis monitoring the situation from the water. The priority is to run a safe event, especially for the Junior division. We plan to start the event with Junior, Master & Legend divisions. The Open division will follow. Plans may change due to weather conditions.


  • Open
  • Women
  • Master +45
  • Legend +60
  • Junior U18
  • Junior U21

Undoubtedly, the Junior division boasts the largest squad ever in the history of the Margaret River Wave Classic.

Judging criteria

  • 12-minute heats with approximately 2 minutes transition between heats
  • 2 best scoring waves
  • Wave Selection
  • Length of the ride (number of turns)
  • Style & Speed
  • Big Airs & Air moves

Event rating
Windsurfing Western Australia Championship Tour, International Windsurfing Tour Junior Final 3 Star.
The most iconic windsurfing wave event in Australia is officially on. The forecast looks promising, with a good-sized swell building up for the weekend. The number of riders is increasing day by day, and the level in the water is impressive!

Big names such as Jaeger Stone, Scott Mckercher, Jane Seeman, Hendrix Stone, Federico Infantino, Jake Ghiretti, and more are already confirmed.

We will have Photographers and a video cameraman during contest days.

Official Event Pages & Updates
The official event’s updates will be posted on
Windsurfing Western Australia
Margaret River Windsurfing Wave Classic

Main Sponsors
Severne Windsurfing
Unleash Media House
Ray White
Augusta Margaret River Shire

Bronze level sponsors
Gath sports
Swings & Roundabouts
Office Products Depot

Find detailed information and sign up HERE

Last time the Margaret River Wave Classic was on

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