On Monday, July 10th, 2023, the second edition of ¨Girls on Tour¨ took place in Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria.
This event was a coaching program organized by the PWA women for women to help upgrade their skills. Approximately 40 women participated, showing their enthusiasm for a memorable wave session.
It was truly inspiring to witness the convergence of these individuals, united in their shared passion.


The participants were privileged to receive guidance from a distinguished lineup of world champions. This included the likes of Daida Moreno and Sara-Quita Offringa.

Additionally, everyone benefited from the expertise of several seasoned Severne riders like Lina Erpenstein, Sol Degrieck, Lucia & Isabel Trivino Delgado, and Pauline Katz.

The presence of such coaches undoubtedly enhanced the participants’ experience, surpassing their wildest expectations.

Severne, recognized for having the largest women’s team on the PWA happily supported this event.

The commitment to empowering women in windsurfing was palpable, and the involvement further highlighted the significance of Girls on Tour.


The meeting started in the early afternoon, in front of the iconic statue of Daida at the spot. After a warm welcome and a group photo, the girls split into three groups: those who were new to Pozo and its famous bunker rocks, those who were determined to master the forward loop, and those focused on their surfing. After a short theory held by the pros, everyone got ready to hit the water.

By the end of the session, everyone was feeling tired but really excited about their progress. The day wasn’t over, as the girls caught up an hour later in the restaurant. The excitement was real before the giveaway and the video analysis. Later, they all shared a tasty paella and had a good laugh, recalling the forward loop attempts that didn’t quite go as planned.

As the initiator of the event, Pauline Katz was amazed when all the women were sailing: “I looked at the spot and saw women everywhere. I’ll never forget that image. It was like a women’s invasion, with girls jumping and surfing all over the spot. Some were cheering from the beach for those attempting forward loops. The atmosphere was amazing, something you can only experience at women’s events. I could have watched it for hours!”.


DAIDA MORENO: “What I love the most in this event was the positive environment of all the girls. All the girls had a huge receptiveness and had a lot of fun, and to me, this is just the best part of windsurfing. When Pauline Katz asked me last year to be part of it, I said yes directly. I know that it’s a unique moment to share knowledge and fun with many different girls in a really healthy windsurfing environment. Now, I’m looking forward to the 2024 edition!”

LINA ERPENSTEIN: “It’s so cool to see so many women on the water together. I think for a lot of women, it’s a big motivation to see other women trying new things and pushing their limits. Realizing hey if she can do that, I can do it too‘ creates a very unique atmosphere. I love this kind of women empowerment and love to form a part of it”.

SOL DEGRIECK: “It was nice to see Alina – a young ripper of 10 years old – improving during the day. It was her very first time in Pozo. In the beginning, she was struggling a bit to get out. Later she was sailing up and down the beach. I saw her getting more comfortable every time we went out.”

SARAH-QUITA OFFRINGA: “The women’s day is something very special to me! Apart from windsurfing myself, I think the next best thing is sharing the windsurfing passion with other people! And even more special sharing it with other women! What I loved the most was the energy and the excitement of all the women. They were very excited to be there and their support for each other was really cool to see! There were different groups and it was amazing to see women of all different levels go out at Pozo Izquierdo which is quite a hardcore spot! There were even girls as young as 8 years old! This was an event from women, for women and the goal is to inspire and motivate each other. The dinner at night was very cozy and everyone watched each other’s videos with so much attention and support. The best part was the excitement for the giveaways hahaha. It was a pleasure and I’ll be back next year!”

JUSTINE LEMETEYER: It was a fun afternoon to unwind after a week of competition! I had a great time, took some good wipeouts, and I’m becoming a pro at the “failed forward loop” despite the top advice from the coaches! Definitely, something to do again!”

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