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Jaffle Shack Oceania Youth Wave Titles GATHERS GROMS FROM HOME AND ABROAD

The 2024 Jaffle Shack Oceania Youth Wave Titles just concluded after four days of intense competition and coaching with the likes of Jaeger Stone.

It was undoubtedly one main events of the year for the youths in Australia. The Severne grom team showcased some serious skills and secured top positions in all U18 and U21 divisions.

Photos by Two Goat Media.


Coronation Beach Hosts Spectacular Battle for Australasian Regional Titles

Over 50 youth, aged 8 to 20, gathered at Coronation Beach in Geraldton, showcasing their skills to vie for Australasian Regional Titles and valuable 5-star world ranking points. Competitors from NSW, Queensland, South Australia, and overseas participated in this event.

Organizer and current world number 6 female wavesailor, Jane Seman, expressed her enthusiasm, noting “The rise in our local competitors’ standard from last year’s inaugural event to this one has been huge, with several showing genuine potential to become some of the world’s best wavesailors.

Severne grom Sarah Kenyon takes the win in U18 and U21 Pro Junior Girls Division

15-year-old Severne rider Sarah Kenyon from Geraldton won in both the U18 and U21 Pro Junior Girls divisions, being the first time she beats last year’s winner and current world champion in LT Windsurfer Class, Jaiya Marns-Morris (17, Perth). Santina Pillonel (16, Busselton) secured the third position.

An exhausted Sarah said: “It felt amazing to win, because of all the hard effort I’ve put in. I just love the sport so much and to train, I just went sailing every time it was windy, no matter what. I sacrificed a lot of social and sports events, but winning meant it was all worth it.”

I love being in the ocean with my dad and people I love. Being out there is just amazing and so much fun. I feel so free in the water I get to learn something new every time. It makes me really happy.

Thura Van Essen at the top step in Girls U15

In a young yet strong battle, Thura Van Essen (14, Perth) secured victory in the girls U15 Regional Championship, facing strong competition from Sophie Brazier (12, Perth).

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Severne rider Oliver Desforges Clinches U21 Pro Junior Men’s Title

Oliver Desforges (18, Fremantle), last year’s world number 5 (youth), took the win in a closely contested U21 Pro Junior Men’s division. Despite a challenging start on Day 1, Desforges managed to put himself back together, taking victory with a great forward loop in the final, as well as picking the right sets.

Day 1 was a shocker,” he said, acknowledging he was ‘surprised’ to win.

“I was completely out of sync and not really performing. But I did a bit of relaxation breathing before my next heat and also changed up my equipment to give myself a fresh start. In the final, I landed a pretty great forward loop, and I picked up a couple of nice sets, which gave me good sections to hit. I really just took the opportunities that the ocean gave me when they came about.

Jake Ghiretti Takes Second in U21 Pro Junior Men’s and wins the U18

Coming in second place by less than one point was Margaret River local and last year’s world number 4, 17-year-old Jake Ghiretti. Despite facing tough competition, Ghiretti expressed his happiness for Desforges and acknowledged the competitiveness of the final.

It was one of the most competitive finals I’ve ever sailed,” Jake said. “I didn’t find the best waves in the final, but I’m super happy for Ollie, as I train and sail with him often.

The up and coming ripper rider also won the U18 Boys.

My priority going into this competition was to win the U18 division, because it’s part of the regional titles,” said Jake. “Due to ATAR, I can’t travel overseas this year, so it’s really important for me to win that division here.

Quinn Auricht (19, South Australia) and Valters Videneiks (19, Latvia) finished in third and fourth place respectively in the U21s.

The U21s were lucky to have Jaeger Stone as their head judge. Jaeger also coached all the youth with jumping and wave riding techniques straight after the final.

After the competition, we had a coaching session with Jaeger Stone, who I feel is the best wavesailor in the world. He was helping me with my forward loops and perfecting my technique for doing higher, stalled forward loops,” said Jake.

Rounding out the u18s in second place was last year’s winner, Ben Ilett (17, Perth). Tyler Wallrodt (15, Albany) impressed in third place and also won the wipeout of the event award with a nasty landing on his gear after a loop attempt.

Isaac Gill – The Young Wave Phenom Dominates U13 and U15 Divisions

A standout in the younger divisions, 10-year-old Isaac Gill from Attadale, Perth, now wakes up as the Regional Wave Champion in both the U13 and U15 boy divisions. According to the crowd, he’s a young Jaeger Stone.

It was such a fun event,” said Isaac. “I loved the jumping at Coronation beach and sailing with all the other kids.

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Coaching Session with Jaeger Stone pushing the youth

The U21s benefited from a coaching session with local legend Jaeger Stone, considered one of the best wavesailors in the world. Jaeger provided valuable insights into jumping and wave-riding tips and tricks.

Geraldton Hosts Windsurfing Enthusiasts – Margaret River Wavesailing Classic Up Next

Many groms are staying in Geraldton to enjoy a week of wind. Following this, they will head down to the Margaret River Wavesailing Classic in February, a crucial event for final points in deciding the U18 Australasian Regional Wave Champion. These events are pivotal for Australian youth on the Professional Windsurfing International Wave Tour.

Read more about the Jaffle Shack Oceania Youth Wave Titles here


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Final Results

U21 Boys

  1. Oliver Desforges
  2. Jake Ghiretti
  3. Quinn Auricht
  4. Valters Videneiks

U21 Girls

  1. Sarah Kenyon
  2. Jaiya Marns Morris
  3. Santina Pillonel

U18 Boys

  1. Jake Ghiretti
  2. Ben Ilett
  3. Tyler Wallrodt
  4. Josh Ledger

U18 Girls

  1. Sarah Kenyon
  2. Jaiya Marns Morris
  3. Santina Pillonel
  4. Tania Holldack

U15 Boys

  1. Isaac Gill
  2. Igor Panagushin
  3. Max Ford
  4. Henry Geldermann

U15 Girls

  1. Thura Van Essen
  2. Sophie Brazier
  3. Zara Gill


  1. Isaac Gill
  2. Max Ford
  3. Kai Wilson
  4. Patrick Holldack


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