Freestyle winter training

The motivation for some full power freestyle sailing was at a high this winter in Tenerife. Lots of wind was on offer but not too many waves making El Medano the perfect place for freestyle action.

Here is Dieters video recap in his own words and his 2021 winter training clip.

My winter

2021 provided a lot of days with wind in Tenerife but not too many with waves. With more guys around on the freestyle gear, the motivation to polish the freestyle skills kicked back in and got us on the water on the flatter days. Just when I started to improve again in February a shoulder injury held me off the water for 6 weeks leaving me only 2 weeks to prepare for the first European event in Austria. Together with Max Robinson from Canada the motivation to do freestyle was on an all time high and most of the footage comes from the week leading up to the first EFPT event if 2021. My first event for the last 1,5 years!
Level wise I felt good coming into the Austrian event but sadly the event was over before it even started due to a crash in the warm up for the Tow in Final.
After another 4 weeks off the water, it feels good to be back in and I’m hoping to be fully fit for summer for when we hopefully get some more events going again

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