Jane Seman and Philip Köster crowned themselves as the winners of the PWA – IWT Surazo Infernal in Matanzas, Chile.

Photos: @escobar_photos


The Severne wave team landed on the spectacular Chilean beach of Topocalma to prove their talent during the second stop of the wave competition calendar, it was time for the ¨Surazo Infernal¨.

Jane Seman, Philip Köster, Dieter van der Eyken, Federico Morision, and Liam Dunckerbeck all battled it out for top honors in firing down-the-line conditions – all with the aim of climbing onto the top podium step.

The conditions in Chile require hawkeye precision to nail the section and throw those big airs. The young Italian Federico Morisio has been in Chile for a few months and you could surely tell. Federico lacked training due to suffering from an ankle injury one month ago, nevertheless, his skills, knowledge, and precision made him advance up to round 4.

Philip and Jane used their experience to find the perfect line on each wave they surfed, both dominating the fleet and currently standing as the leaders of the unified PWA – IWT Wave Tour.

Köster found his path to the top by blasting his Pyro board from rail to rail achieving powerful turns. No need to mention that he took each opportunity he had to pull a goiter or spin a wave 360, all moves that he’s got on tap.

Australian Jane Seman, determined to take the trophy home, won all three finals. Jane’s powerful stylish bottom and top turns, as well as, a repertoire of late hits and aerials left little doubt in the minds of the judges.

Top 4 results

Womens division
1. Jane Seman
2. Bjorte Pürschel
3. Caro Vita
4. Giannina Sarno

Mens division
1. Philip Köster
2. Camille Juban
3. Julian Salmonn
4. Baptiste Cloarec

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Check out Severne rider Federico Morisio’s Chile vlog here below for a better idea on wavesailing in Chile.

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