OBX-Wind is one of the most enjoyable events in the world. Located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, USA, OBX-WIND is steadily making its mark as a prominent event in the United States.

This year, windsurfers from both near and far convened to enjoy windsurfing with friends from all across the country, but also to join competitions including long-distance races, freestyle showcases, and intense slalom contests.

When you factor in the array of social activities on the sidelines, OBX-WIND emerges as a distinctive event that captivates windsurfers of all backgrounds.

The town of Avon, nestled in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, once again took centre stage as the hub of activity during the 2023 OBX-WIND festival. Drawing participation from over 150 windsurfers nationwide, including an international contingent, the event unfolded over a week filled with long-distance challenges, freestyle exhibitions, slalom showdowns, and light wind racing.

Gathering at Ocean Air Sports as the local headquarters for daily briefings, the organisers fitted each day’s activities based on the week’s weather forecast. Impressively, all planned disciplines were successfully carried out throughout the week, allowing for additional time dedicated to a comprehensive gear day. This special day featured clinics, insightful presentations, and a bustling market.


OBX-Wind isn’t just an event, but the embodiment of an epic windsurfing trip. From seasoned professionals to passionate amateurs, this event brings together windsurfers of all levels. Not only does OBX-Wind attract windsurfers from all across the nation, but it also attracts more and more windsurfers from abroad. The appeal is clear; gather your friends and rent one of the purpose-designed houses right by the water, enjoy the beginner-friendly spot for some flatwater blasting or freestyling, and meet up with windsurfers from near and abroad. There are plenty of activities both on and off the water throughout the OBX-Wind event days to keep everyone entertained.


“Do I need to be an expert racer to join OBX-Wind?” The answer is no! While a basic windsurfing level is required, the event is open to anyone who can handle windy conditions, plane, and waterstart. You can also join the now-famous “beer race” that is run on longboards. OBX-Wind is for every windsurfer.


Get ready for a weekend filled with unforgettable moments. OBX-Wind offers plenty of time on the water, creating an atmosphere charged with excitement. You’ll get plenty of water time, meet new or old friends from the community, enjoy epic sunsets when the skies are clear, and join contests, raffles, clinics, and presentations.


OBX-Wind attracts participants from all corners of the world. Previous editions have seen windsurfers hailing from Austria, Netherlands, Bonaire, Costa Rica, Canada, and beyond. The diversity of the participants adds a unique touch to the event, creating a truly international windsurfing experience. Expect more international riders to join in the future.


For those who crave the adrenaline rush of competition, OBX-Wind offers slalom racing and marathons that are nothing short of exhilarating. You’ll race alongside PWA slalom riders and US national riders, pushing your limits and feeling progression as you go.

Severne riders at the OBX-Wind this year raced on the new Fox and Moto combination and showcased plenty of competitiveness on freerace gear placing top ten in the marathon and pushing the front of the fleet in slalom racing. The versatility of the Severne Moto and Fox combination has proven itself repeatedly across the whole year.


Reflecting on their experience, one participant said: “Absolutely. This event is on the agenda for next year!” The combination of thrilling races, the joy of windsurfing, and the great community spirit make OBX-Wind an event to look forward to. Whether you’re a pro or a windsurfing enthusiast, OBX-Wind is sure to be a great experience.

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