On top of the podium

After a long period of time with no major events, the Severne team came out on top at the annual One Hour Classic in lake Garda. Matteo Iachino took the win in the men’s fleet while Blanca Alabau took the win in the women’s.

107 competitors signed up for this year’s event which brought action to lake Garda once again.

It felt great being back on the racecourse. It s funny how fast we forget that feeling and I was for sure missing it,” says Matteo who secured his first win of the year using the Mach3 8,6 after a long time out of the competition game.

 This year’s event also saw a big rise in young guns competing, which is a great indicator for a strong upcoming generation.

Matteo also said; “Winning felt good. I have to say I’ve been lucky as I was second till the second last lap when the wind dropped and I could overtake Jordy Vonk. I said winning always feels great, but seeing all these kids and young guys and girls enjoying racing has probably been even better. There is a solid new generation coming. I think I’ve never seen so many kids in the previous editions of this competition and this really makes me happy. Windsurfing is a great sport and the young guys are the base of it.

Blanca Alabau wins the women’s fleet

Coming out on top of the podium and giving the boys a good run, Blanca competed both on the foil, which is her speciality, and on the fin using Mach3 7,0 and 7,8. She had this to say;

It was an amazing feeling to be back racing, I was so happy to feel the pressure of the start and comparing my speed with the boys. I’m feeling super fit, actually, after the first day, I decided that just competing on the foil was not enough and I also did the hour on slalom gear.

The best experience of the event was definitely to be back in competition mode. It was also great to see so many youngsters around

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