Severne location

Based in La Tranche Sur Mer, France, Wave School has been a windsurf centre since 1984. Settled between a lake and the open sea, Wave School offers courses and rentals at a perfect spot for beginners, as well as, intermediate to expert level windsurfers.


Where is Wave School located?
La Tranche Sur Mer, on the French Atlantic west coast.

Are you open all year?
We are open every day from April to the end of October/beginning of November with all of our proposed activities (courses, rentals).

What gear can you rent?
 – Synergy from 1.2 to 4.3
 – Redback from 2.0 to 4.7
 – Blade from 4.0 to 5.7
 – Gator from 6.0 to 7.5

– Fox 120, Fox 140

Do you offer clinics and lessons?
We offer all our of activities in the form of private lessons, group lessons, and rentals. For those who wish to take several classes during the week, we have packages of several courses.

Where can I book?
You can book by emailing us at or you can call us at +33 6 70192784

Do you provide accommodation?
We do not offer accommodation, but nearby you will find many campsites and hotels.

Where can I find the prices?
You can find everything on our website


Do I need to bring my own wetsuit and harness?
Wave School will provide everything you need, complete equipment available; long O’Neill wetsuit, Severne harnesses, life jacket, and a helmet.

Best months to visit?
From May to August, It is possible that there is thermal wind, otherwise, we have moderate level winds throughout the year.

What is the weather like?
From April to November, the weather is pretty warm and sunny and the sea temperature is good.

Which conditions does the spot offer?
Thanks to the lake, we have a very easy sailing area for beginners. The spot in the sea offers us different types of conditions for slalom, freeride, and wave.

Which type of rider is the spot most suitable for?
Our spot is suitable for all riders starting from 6 years old.

Which wetsuit do I need?
During the summer we advise you to ride with a 3/2 or shorty wetsuit and the rest of the time with a 4/3.


What can you do besides windsurfing?
At Wave School, you can do paddle and wing foil in addition to windsurfing. In the surrounding area, you can find a lot of activities like skateboarding, surfing, and more.

Are there any bars or restaurants around?
There are many different options, you can find many bars and restaurants within walking distance.

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