Experience the Meltemi winds in Greece

Prasonisi Beach is the southernmost beach of Rhodes – the main island of the Dodecanese Island in Greece. Prasonisi Beach is famous for its excellent geographical location, strong and stable Meltemi winds, and unique coastline connecting two seas at one large sandy beach; the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. These characteristics make it one of the world’s most attractive and interesting places for windsurfing or wind foil, both at beginner and advanced levels.


Where is Prasonisi located?
Prasonisi beach is the southernmost beach of Rhodes – the main island of the Dodecanese Island in Greece. 

Are you open all year?
No. We are open from 25th of  May till the 31st of October.

What gear can you rent?
We have all the gear you need. Primarily we use freeride equipment but also offer freestyle and wave equipment.

– Overdrive 7.8
– NCX from 6.0 to 8.0
– Convert from 5.4 to 8.2
– Gator from 5.4 to 8.2
– Blade from 3.3 to 5.3
– Redback from 2.0 to 3.8

– Dyno 85 to 115
– Psycho 92 & 102
– Fox 95 to 140

Do you offer clinics and lessons?
As a Center, we do lessons on every level. Our instructors are always at the highest possible level – it is our pride. We believe education is the base for happiness in our sport. We work with different world-class riders who offer their own clinics. Like Simon Bornhoff with Simon Bornhoft Windwise

Where can I book?
For reservations please get in touch with us via our e-mail: prasonisi.center@gmail.com

Do you provide accommodation?
Yes, we offer accommodation in the nearest village Katavia (8km away from Prasonisi). We offer delightful apartments in a tiny traditional Greek village.  In addition to our apartments, there are also other apartments, hotels, or houses for rent within a short distance

Where can I find prices?
You can find the prices on our website: http://www.prasonisicenter.com or via mail reservation.


Do I need to bring my own wetsuit and harness?
If you’d rather wear your own wetsuit and/or harness you can of course bring it with you, but you can also rent a harness and wetsuit at our centre. When you rent a board, you get a wetsuit, but the harness is not included.

Best months to visit?
Advantages: good winds, the equipment is factory new, a lot of space in the water making sailing more comfortable.
Disadvantages: the water and the wind are still a bit cold so a shorty wetsuit is necessary or even a full suit on colder days. 

Advantages: good strong warm winds and warm water and still not too many sailors in the water as well as regular tourists.
Disadvantages: none.

July, August
Advantages: it is the height of the season so it is very busy, a good time for singles to come, there is a lot happening and you can enjoy good wind days.
Disadvantages: this period is not recommended for people who are looking for discounted prices.

September, October
Advantages: an excellent extension of the summer, excellent water and air temperature, beautiful sunrises. Good winds the whole time, although this is a bit more unpredictable in October. A lot of space in the water.

Which conditions does the spot offer?
At Prasonisi you can expect fantastic wind statistics, around 20 knots. Our spot is considered very easy, with very flat and smooth water.

Which type of rider is the spot most suitable for?
On the Medieriean sea: Beginners, Advanced, Freeride, and Freestyle. On the Aegean Sea: Wave.

Which wetsuit do I need?
You will only need a short wetsuit.


What can you do besides windsurfing?
It is quite a wild part of the island, so apart from windsurfing, there are not many other activities on site. Our guests usually perceive this as a positive aspect.

Are there any bars or restaurants around?
In the area, there are traditional small restaurants where windsurfers are treated as top customers. For a fun evening, we advise you to go to the beautiful city of Lindos where the bars with music are located.

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