Severne location

“Zeil en Surfcentrum Brouwersdam” has been a windsurf centre since 1993. Over the last years, it has undergone extensive modernisation and grown in size. Not only a windsurf centre – Brouwersdam offers the full experience with cottages, water activities, sailing, and a shop and restaurant.


Where is Zeil en Surfcentrum Brouwersdam located?
We are located at the Grevelingenmeer, at the Brouwersdam. That’s in the South of the Netherlands

Are you open all year?
Yes, we are open 365 days per year with all our activities, rental, shop and restaurant.

What gear can you rent?
– Blade
– Freek
FoilFreek from 4.8 to 5.2
Gator from 5.0 to 8.0
NCX from 5.8 to 8.2
– Convert 5.5 to 6.5

– Alien from 120 and 140
Dyno from 85 to 125
Fox from 95 to 135
Nano 87
Predator 95 and 110
Psycho 94 and 102
– Verso 122 to 154

Severne Redwing frontwings 1000, 1400 en 1800
– Severne Fuselage 85 and 95
– Severne Backwing 250 and 350

Do you offer clinics and lessons?
We offer windsurfing lessons every day, private lessons, special clinics, or group lessons even if you want a full week of classes that’s no problem. 

Where can I book?
You can book by emailing us at or call us on +31111671480, that’s the easiest way.

Do you provide accommodation?
We have 140 beds, so there is enough place to stay. We have different kinds of accommodation. We have our Basic Rooms, our luxe hotel Lake Rooms or the very nice Beachlodges. Perfect for windsurfers!

Where can I find the prices?
You find everything on our website: or follow us on our Instagram @Brouwersdam for the latest updates. 


Do I need to bring my own wetsuit and harness?
We have sorted out everything for you, the only real important thing is you must sail here with shoes. Of course, we sell them as well, but you can also bring them yourself, but that’s the only thing we don’t rent. Suits, harnesses and all the other gear we have for rent or buy.

Best months to visit?
Depending on what you want, the windiest months are for sure October & November. But if you want some more warm conditions, we recommend June until September. 

What is the weather like?
In the Netherlands the weather conditions are so different, it can be super warm and windy or very cold and windy. But mostly we have SW or NW winds with an average of 15-20 degrees temperatures. Most people windsurf here between April and November. 

Which conditions does the spot offer?
There is a super easy pool for beginners where everyone can stand and learn very fast. That’s also the famous Freestyle pool because it’s very flat there. Outside the pool, we have some choppy conditions and lots of space, making it perfect for some jumps, slalom, and freeriding! Or the high Freestyle moves! The spot works with all wind directions. 

Which type of rider is the spot most suitable for?
For every rider. just for wave riders, there are no waves. But for all other disciplines, also foil windsurfing it’s perfect! 

Which wetsuit do I need?
For the biggest part of the year, we sail with a 4/3 wetsuit.


What can you do besides windsurfing?
At our centre, you can do SUP, Sailing, Longboarding, have fun on our Waterslide and enjoy the delicious food in the restaurant. Next to that, there is lots to do around here.

Are there any bars or restaurants around?
There are many different options, we have our restaurant and there are a lot of other nice restaurants and bars around.