First title for Amado. Big haul for Severne team

The Marignane PWA Grand Slam didn’t offer much this time in terms of wind. While the race and wave fleets were on standby for the whole week with no action, only a freestyle single elimination could be completed. After a season of winning all major events, Amado Vrieswijk cemented his dominance even further by winning the single elimination, and with no further wind on the forecast, he could call himself the 2021 PWA Freestyle World Champion at the end of the event.

Maaike Huvermann fought her way to second place followed by Oda Johanne on the freestyle overall ranking. Blanca Alabau took third place in the women’s foil division. Lennart Neubauer was crowned the Youth Freestyle World Champion and Liam Dunkerbeck Youth Wave Vice World Champion.

Photos by John Carter / PWA

2021 dominance

Amado Vrieswijk has dominated nearly all contests this year. Throughout the season, he has won the two completed EFPT events and is the 2021 European Champion. Therefore, it was no surprise to see him competing for the top spot once again despite the very tricky conditions offered on that given competition day.

Light, cross offshore winds with the occasional windy period was the best the riders would get throughout the whole week. Amado, being one of the heavier freestyle riders shoved no disadvantage even in the lighter winds and was able to land high-scoring power moves to claim victory.

Despite being very close on several occasions, this will be Amado’s first PWA title.

Maaike is PWA Freestyle Vice World Champion, Oda Johanne is third.

The battle for the women’s freestyle titles ended the same as in 2019. Maaike took second place behind now 19 times World Champion Sarah-Quita Offringa and Oda Johanne finished in third place. With no double elimination completed, there were no chances for comebacks, and thus, the result of the single elimination would stand.

Blanca Alabau third overall women’s foil

For Blanca, it has been a defining season. Despite the little racing, there has been throughout the 2021 season, it has been clear that Blanca is one of the top contenders for the podium. With her first major victory just weeks ago at the 2021 Defi Wind Superstars Blanca didn’t get a chance to get back on the racecourse in Marignane. Her podium position from the last PWA racing event in Israel stands, putting her in third place overall in the women’s foil discipline for the season.

Lennart Neubauer is PWA Youth Freestyle World Champion, Liam Dunkerbeck is PWA Youth Vice Wave World Champion.

Both Lennart and Liam have had meteoric rises over the last few seasons. It is no surprise that they also have developed into the main players in both the youth and senior freestyle and wave disciplines. 

Liam and Lennart only two years ago.

End of season

Marignane Grand Slam also concludes the 2021 season for the PWA. Despite very few events on the calendar for the 2021 season, the PWA will undoubtedly be looking to re-establish a full competition calendar for the 2022 season. 

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