Scoring at home

We all know of those special days at the home spot. Every now and then, the conditions line up to deliver that perfect day. German Severne rider Julian Wiemer just scored one of those days and here is his story.

Photos by Luke Jertz

In Julians words

The days we wait and live for! When strong west wind fronts hit northern Europe. That’s when we’ve got to decide if we drive up to the Dutch coast or stay and sail at home, close to Cologne in Germany to freestyle at the little pond where I grew up and learned to windsurf.

For this forecast, we decided to stay home and scored an epic day. 20-40 knots of wind, a mixture of sun and clouds, and the perfect wind direction to make my little freestyle spot work. With this wind direction, the wind blows straight into the funnel-shaped part of the lake, accelerates a little bit, and creates some nice chop on both sides. Usually, we get these kind of conditions in late autumn or in the middle of winter when it’s freezing cold, so it was even more beautiful to get it in spring with temperatures around 15 degrees.

I was using my 4.4 Freek all day to make sure I could plane through the patchy parts and keep the speed to bust out a move before reaching the opposite shore. It was so much fun and definitely a day to remember.

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