iQFOiL is Back on the lake

Lake Garda, Italy delivered for yet another successful iQFOiL International Games. The 2021 version was packed with action spread out across five racing days. Over the course of the five days slalom, course racing, and marathon racing with rabbit start was completed.

An elimination style medal race, as well as, slalom racing was completed on the last day of racing to cap it off.

Photos by Martina Orsini

The French team came truly prepared. Lucie Belbeoch dominated the women’s fleet and took the win ahead of Islay Watson from Great Britain and Delphine Cousin also from France.

The men’s fleet saw a similar scenario with Nicolas Goyard winning the majority of the races, as well as, the medal race itself. Dutchman Huig-Jan Tak, who also finished on the podium in the 2020 edition of the iQFOiL international games, took second place ahead of British Matthew Barton. Last years winner and Severne rider Sebastian Kördel had to settle with the fourth place.

1st – FRA18 Lucie Belbeoch
2nd – GBR529 Islay Watson
3rd – FRA775 Delphine Cousin
4th – FRA31 Lola Sorin U21
5th – ISR7 Maya Morris
6th – FRA712 Manon Pianazza U21
7th – GER33 Lena Erdil
8th – MEX28 Mariana Aguilar Chavez Peon
9th – ISR2 Daniela Peleg U21
10th – POL7 Maja Natalia Dziarnowska
11th – NED33 Sara Wennekes
12th – FRA118 Marion Mortefon

1st – FRA465 Nicolas Goyard
2nd – NED465 Huig-Jan Tak
3rd – GBR983 Matthew Barton
4th – GER220 Sebastian Koerdel
5th – FRA53 Clement Bourgeois
6th – NED36 Max Castelein U21
7th – FRA9 Mathurin Jolivet
8th – ITA150 Nicolo Renna U21
9th – FRA10 Oel Pouliquen
10th – FRA752 Alexandre Cousin
11th – SUI63 Elia Colombo
12th – ARU4 Ethan Westera

1st – FRA31 Lola Sorin
2nd – FRA712 Manon Pianazza
3rd – ISR2 Daniela Peleg
4th – NOR29 Helle Oppedal
5th – FRA11 Marion Couturier

1st – NED36 Max Castelein
2nd – ITA150 Nicolo Renna
3rd – FRA16 Yun Pouliquen
4th – FRA628 Louis Pignolet
5th – NED17 Joost Vink

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