World class coaching, location and gear

Only a few locations in the world can offer you to arrive with just your wetsuit, grab some gear that is as good or better than what you’ve got at home and receive coaching from a PWA professional and coach.

This was the formula on offer on Dieter Van der Eyken’s most recent advanced coaching clinic in collaboration with Surf Hub Tenerife which offers premium equipment rental including pro sails from the Severne range, all rigged up on high end masts and booms, as well as, the latest from the Severne board range.

Severne rider Dieter Van der Eyken organized an advanced wave coaching clinic in collaboration with Surfhub Tenerife in the month of March 2021.

Despite the Covid-19 situation at the time, travelling into Tenerife was still allowed with the only requirement being a negative PCR test and a booking of an official rental on the island. This allowed participants to travel from France, Germany and Italy to the island for a week of coaching at the World Cup spot El Cabezo with a perfect forecast lined up.

Due to logistical circumstances, also a part of Italian rider Fabio Calo’s coaching clinic joined making it a great mix of participants with the level ranging from doing first wave riders to doing wave 360’s to doing big, stalled forward loops.

With a four out of six day coaching concept the participants could really enjoy the best conditions El Medano had on offer that week, and after a full day of theory on day 1 of the clinic, the participants took full advantage of the wind to put the theory into practice.

With Surf Hub being the meeting point and the launch area, participants who rented and others who brought their own gear took full advantage of the well located spot just upwind of El Cabezo with an easy launch & a quick downwinder to the waves

Many had arrived with no gear and had access to world class equipment from the Severne range including the full Severne wave board range and top end rigs with carbon booms and top of the line masts making the experience truly premium.

Two sessions a day with a video debrief after each day really allowed the participants to progress fast and improve their skills on a daily basis. With everyone motivating each other the first backloops were landed, wave riders improved, and a great base was put for further improvements throughout the year.

After 3 days of consecutive sailing, open hands and plenty of happy faces, everyone had a big debrief on the last day. Each participant also got all their footage from the session together with an example clip from Dieter himself to take home to put in the theory further in practice at home.

Due to the popularity of the concept, further dates have been announced over the summer with Dieter and Surf Hub looking to welcome new participants on the following dates; 



For further information or to sign up, follow this link.

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