A windsurf event without travelling

The current world situation has held us back from being able to take part in events across the globe. Many are especially bummed they wont be joining the legendary Defi Wind this year, which had to be cancelled. Bjorn Dunkerbeck and his team have prepared a world-first online Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge to bring the motivation and racing spirit back up in us.

This year, in this exceptional situation that the whole world is experiencing with all the limitations that are being imposed on us, we are happy to continue with the competition format that we have been carrying out since 2015 and to make it even more interesting for all windsurfers.

This means that you can take part of this event wherever you are in the world. Check out all of the details about the event here below.

Online challenge 2020 details

The Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge usually runs alongside the Defi Wind in Gruissan, France each year. Due to the cancellation of the Defi Wind, everything now happens online and you can take part by blasting down a 250m course regardless of where you are in the world. 

The first period will be between the 21st of May and 21st of June. There will be the second period from the 1st of August till 31st of August.
Because it’s also our main motivation to mobilize the entire windsurfing community and regain relative normality through our sport as soon as possible using current technology to compete together from any country in the world without travelling while promoting windsurfing as an ecological sport and healthy lifestyle.

What’s NEW this year?

This year, the following will also be ranked:

  • YOUNG GUNS (all kids under 18 years- from 2002 on)
  • GRAND MASTER+ (50 years+ born in 1970 and before)
  • FOIL

(what’s alpha race? A small explanation for those who do not know what it is, is to do a distance of 250mts a jibe and another 250mts back. The trick is that there can be no more than 50m between the starting point and the return point, and this is where the ability of the windsurfer to set the fastest round-trip course and tell you about the pass comes into play.)

How to register


You can win

  • Cool Windsurf accessories from SEVERNE,
  • Premium memberships from www.GPS-Speedsurfing.com,
  • Stylish clothing from Fuerte Action
  • And of course, caps, lanyards and shirts from Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge

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