HyperSpider is our full-color, load path membrane technology. This is the next level in reducing weight and increasing strength. Customised fibre layouts are engineered for each individual sail, and mapped to exactly follow every load trajectory. These are our most technically advanced sails yet.

An evolution of our SpiderFibre technology where we took sailcloth and added vectors of fibre to transfer load directly along the load-lines, HyperSpider does away with the sailcloth and just puts fibre down along EVERY load path. Every fibre is precisely laid to carry a specific load. All the loads and tensions in the sail are now carried by the fibre instead of the film. This makes it possible to use thinner films, which creates a much lighter, more flexible sail.

In a traditional sail, reinforcement is added as patches that are sewn on top of the panels. In a HyperSpider sail all the reinforcement is already built in, again reducing weight and increasing strength. The end result is a much lighter, stronger sail with an incredible feel.

Aligning the fibre exactly along the load paths means that stretch is able to be controlled to a level that was never possible in a panelled sail. What this means to the rider is a much bigger sweet spot: not only is the wind-range extended at both the top end AND bottom end, but the range of wind strengths where the sail feels perfect is much bigger.

The flexibility of the ultra-light membrane means that whilst the flying shape of the sail doesn’t deform under load, the sail still retains a very soft, smooth feel. Feels like luxury.

The fourth generation of HYPERSPIDER technology consists entirely of high-tech fibres: 1100dTex

Technora for the body fibre, and now 1680dTex Dyneema® for the X-Ply to further increase strength.

Dyneema® is an ideal fibre for windsurf sails: it is UV resistant, has very high initial modulus numbers (second only to high modulus Carbon fibre), superior breaking strength, and high flex strength. The larger denier fibres enhance its rip-stop capabilities.

Technora is 8 times stronger than steel, and has excellent fatigue resistance. Its low creep characteristics make it ideal to carry the main loads in the membrane. HyperSpider is the pinnacle of windsurf sail materials.