Severne sail care guide

Your SEVERNE sail is built to last. But there are steps you can take, to prolong its life, avoid breakage and any dangerous situations.

Any early signs of wear should be dealt with immediately. If you are in doubt, contact your local SEVERNE dealer/distributor. Do not put yourself at risk by not attending any breakage.

To keep your sail healthy over many years, follow these simple tips and tricks we recommend for you.

Rinse your sail regularly

Occasionally washing the sand and salt off your sail will keep the panels, downhaul pulley and luff sleeve fresh. Especially if you are not sailing regularly.

Find a good rigging spot

Always strive to rig on grass or on a nonabrasive surface. This will keep your luff sleeve, batten pockets and the top of the sail in good shape. Always keep sand out of the inside of the luff sleeve.

UV – direct sunlight

The rays of the sun will wear down monofilm over time. Therefore, if you are not sailing, you should move your sail out of the sun or de-rig it completely.

Rigging and de-rigging

Don’t leave your sail rigged overnight. It causes stress on your sail as well as your mast. De-rig it and store it safely in its bag. Avoid rolling up the sail with sand and dirt in it.

Re-use packaging foam

Your Severne sail comes with foam wrapped inside. Don’t throw it away. Use it to roll the sail back up after use, starting from the top. This will help prevent wrinkles/folds and extend the lifetime of your sail. 

Recommended mast

You should use the recommended SEVERNE mast for your SEVERNE sails. The sails and masts are designed to fit each other. The use of a different brand mast may cause unintended strain on your sail.

Regular checks

Always keep an eye out for potential wear on any area of your sail. That way you can have it fixed before the damage gets worse.


When traveling with your sail, or packing it with other equipment, avoid packing your sail in the bottom as it can leave permanent fold marks when crushed.


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