Fresh from her best result to date in the PWA of Tenerife Lina Erpenstein didn’t miss the chance to compete at one of her favorite spots in Europe in the north of Denmark & claim the second international event win of her career. By doing this she wins the first official European women’s Wave title ever dominating with some excellent wave riding on her brand new 2020 gear:

Here is what Lina had to say about the contest

“The Cold Hawaii Games have been a super fun experience. I’ve been coming to Cold Hawaii quite for some time now and it’s so cool to have a contest running here now, not only for men but also for women and juniors. The local organisation has done a great job in converting the event in a roaming event so we were able to move to Hanstholm (10km up the coast) for competing. The single elimination we’ve sailed in side-onshore conditions and I’ve used all the S-1 sails from 3.6 to 4.8. I loved how the sails kept the power in the bottom turn, all the way back up the wave, which really helped me turn in those super onshore conditions. 

I was happy to take the win in the single elimination and it felt super tensioning to be up there in the double elimination, waiting and hoping to defend my place. It’s a mind game for sure! 

In the end we had super fun side-side off conditions and I sailed 4.0 and 72l Nano, my absolute favourite setup. I’m super happy how the new Nano helps me improve my wave riding in all the conditions. The top turn on that board is just insane! Those were the conditions I usually struggled on to get a good top turn, but that’s gone now! 

I’m super happy to take the first women’s European title and I’m excited for what’s to come in the future. Honestly what I’m most excited about is that we have the possibility to promote women’s windsurfing and be able to show what we can do! “

Nano 72l (fins 13 and 9) and 77l (fins 14 and 10)  both set up as a quad
S-1 3.6 – 4.8

To top things of after 10 days of great sailing in the north of Denmark, Lina gathered some of the video footage in her latest clip to give some visuals with some impressive wave riding and jumping whilst sailing in Hanstholm Denmark!