This week (September 29 – October 3), world sailing is hosting sea trials for five tenders in their decision making for the 2024 Paris Olympic games. Severne is part of three of the five tenders, and have been deeply involved in bringing foiling onto the next level through the HyperGlide and HyperGlide2 foil sail development program, which already has brought home a PWA world title!

The Hyper Glide Olympic is Severne’s final prototype of the Olympic sail to be used only during the Olympic sea trials and by various ambassadors within the Olympic tenders we are

The HyperGlide series has been the dominant sail in foil racing with Gonzalo Costa Hoevel winning the 2018 World Title, and Matteo Iachino and Amado Vrieswijk sitting in 1st and 2nd for 2019 with one event remaining.

With this background and knowledge base, we knew that an Olympic version would require significant improvements.

Firstly, we had to make sure the Hyper Glide Olympic would become the toughest weapon out there able to withstand countless hours of rigging, racing, and pumping. To ease the stress on the mast, the luff curve was reduced, and more reinforcements have been added making the sail capable of handling the biggest of loads. New XL cams help distribute the tension in the sail and improve rotation.

User friendliness was a focus point when we were drawing up the design brief of this sail. Everyone agreed, that a sail like the HyperGlide Olympic should be light in the hands, responsive and allow for you to focus on your sailing for hours without wearing you out.

Ultimately, the final outcome was a sail with a redistributed shaping expanding the wind range and giving that lighter feel in the hands.

The Hyper Glide Olympic sail prototypes are currently built-in 10,0 9,5 9,0 8,5 8,0 7,5 m2 to fit all foil tenders.

It is important to point out, that the Hyper Glide Olympic seen in the media is not the new Hyper Glide 3. The Hyper Glide 3 series is currently under development and news till be shared as we continue our development. The current Hyper Glide 2 has had running changes and is still the current Foil Racing sail to order.