Severne board care guide

Taking proper care of your board will prolong its life and keep it looking good for longer. Here are a couple of tips on taking care of your board best possible.



Always keep your board protected from the sun when not in use. If left for too long under the sun, the colors of your board could fade over time.


Make sure you use the correct screws and tools which come with the board.

Vent plug

All Severne boards feature a “Goretex” air vent which regulates the internal pressure of the board automatically. There is no need to open or tighten it before sailing or flight. Do not try to adjust it.


Keep your footstrap screws tightened at all times. Check them regularly to make sure they haven’t worked themselves loose.


Check your board for dings and damage regularly. If the board is damaged, then repair it before sailing on it. 

Rigging surface and handling

Always try to set up your board on a non-abrasive surface to protect your board as much as possible. Use a board cover when the board is not in use.


Do not store your board wet in a bag. Dry your board to prevent paint blisters. Avoid unnecessary exposure to UV. Store the board in a vertical rack, but if horizontally, always keep the deck down.


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