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When it comes to windsurfing, having the right equipment can make all the difference in your learning and the ability to enjoy your time on the water to the fullest. Enter the new Severne Verso.

The Verso was designed in collaboration with rider and Windwise coach Simon Bornhoft who needed an intuitive board he could use to help his clients progress at a faster rate, and carry them through their windsurfing journey

The design objective was clear; an intuitive board that would carry you from your first stages of progression, all the way through to advanced intermediate levels.

Now that the Verso is in active use in Simons clinics, as well as centres across the world, the first reactions are in.

Here are a few of them.

Nik Froud, Improver - Early Intermediate

“The Verso is fast onto the plane, fast at getting you carve gybing and fast to produce a grin. It was forgiving, extremely comfortable, and a total joy to sail!”

Sophie Archer, Improver - Early Intermediate

“Feels like in a dream when you’re running with no effort – the Verso is the same on the water. Best session of the whole trip!”

Tom McClelland - Advanced Intermediate

“So easy to sail and gybe, it feels like you’re cheating. I’ve now got one!”

James Babcock - Advanced Intermediate

“I tried the Verso 122 and loved it. It felt light and very stable. Its width made it pretty forgiving round the gybes and it was fast onto the plane, so great for achieving a quicker exit.”

Martin Petruzzi - Advanced Intermediate

“The definition of an unfair advantage”


The Verso stands out as a feature-packed board with an intuitive feel, engineered to highlight the performance characteristics vital for developing windsurfers. Fully tested and tailored to assist in all aspects of freeride windsurfing, this board is particularly reassuring for those tackling the complexities of gybing.


/ CENTRALISED BUOYANCY: Provides enhanced stability and control, crucial for riders learning to use the harness and straps.

/ PROGRESSIVE ROCKER-LINE: Promotes acceleration for early planing and smooth gybing exits.

/ PERFORMANCE AND COMFORT: Allows full speed blasting while maintaining acceleration to push the limits of your comfort zone.

/ GYBING ASSISTANCE: Designed to offer a stable approach, controllable carve, and increased exit speed to build consistency in your gybes.

/ USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Simplifies the technical challenges of windsurfing. The purpose-built Verso powerbox fin and the three-stage foot strap insert options are easy to fit, tune, and position with the included HEX4 tool.


Having coached countless students, Simon Bornhoft is one of the most established in the business. Being able to team up with Simon and pull on his experience of coaching thousands of people was paramount for the Verso’s development.

I wanted a board that I could teach my clients on that was super user-friendly for blasting and be the most reliable and rewarding board to gybe. Time and time again we saw significant changes in dry gybing success rates and first-time planing exits. So much so, that no one wanted to give it back!” – Simon Bornhoft


The Severne Verso is already in use in Simon Bornhofts Windwise courses. If you are looking to join any of Simons events or clinics by any other Severne riders, we’ve mapped them all out for you.


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