An unexpected stay in

As with many other Severne riders, Oda Johanne has also been “trapped in paradise”. It just wasn’t exactly her home ground. Oda found herself on the island of Aruba during the coronavirus lockdown and has only just made her way back to her home in Norway. Here is the story in Oda’s own words.

Weeks turned into months

I was planning to stay 4 weeks on Aruba and 2 weeks on Bonaire for a windsurfing clinic and training. The day before I was supposed to fly to Bonaire all airports got closed, so I stayed on Aruba and was happy with that! I was supposed to fly home end April, then they gave me a new ticket in May, then early June, then late June… All in all, even though I had to stay behind, I was stuck at the best place in the world for sailing! I was lucky, as I could still do what I love the most – going windsurfing!

Aruba without tourists

After all of the tourists the island, left I got to see Aruba from a more quiet side. We had rules to be home at 21.00 in the evening due to corona, so it was quiet and relaxing. Windsurfing wise it was the best. Going to bed at 21:00 and spending the whole day on the water freestyling, slalom sailing, foiling, wave sailing and kiting, tennis, running, Crossfit… We had plenty of days with 3 sessions with 3 different activities. It was grand! I just really like to be active and do sport.


Yes, I wanna learn to enjoy heights in back loops in windsurfing, so even in light wind, I can train some altitude training with kiting…haha! In general, I just LOVE to learn new things. Kiting is Just a great challenge when it`s too light for freestyle. I also started playing tennis here with SQ! Anything new to learn I`m on it!

Updated plans

Due to travel quarantine and safety, it`S harder to travel. But right now I am having windsurfing clinics in Norway. And I got to freestyle and foil at home already! Can’t complain!

Lovely holiday

There is a new Lovely Holiday episode coming out in some weeks! 
In case you missed the last episode of “Lovely holiday” you can check it out right here.

You can follow Oda’s adventure on her social media channels:

Instagram: odajohanne_n500
Facebook: Odajohanne_windsurfing


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