In developing the best equipment possible, we are always looking at as much feedback as possible and the right surroundings for equipment testing. Lots of effort and time is invested in developing the best gear possible so that you can focus on your sailing and not worry about the performance of your equipment.

One of the best centers in the world, René Egli in Fuerteventura is among our favorite places to base ourselves in our testing work. The location of the center near excellent accommodation choices and the ideal surroundings for windsurfing make it a top spot for a brand whose mission is to create the best equipment possible.

As a new initiative, we have teamed up with the René Egli center in establishing a base where our R&D team frequently can stop by to test out the most recent equipment we are working on, and at the same time connect with the real world windsurfers through the staff and clients of the center. This gives us just the right base to connect with people and locations where our products are used the most.

On this particular trip, our focus was on the next generation of free ride equipment. With us, we had new prototypes of our popular Fox and Dyno boards along with new NCX sail prototypes. Throw into the mix a few brand new Gator sails and we also had the gear needed for a mini photoshoot.

As per usual, the spot delivered, and we were able to get on the water every day over the four days we spent at René Egli. In between sessions, we took advantage of the laid back vibe of the center to gather around and discuss results and future plans. Besides their great attention, the crew provided endless amounts of coffee which kept us going throughout the day.


The days were similar. They all started with lighter winds, which allowed us to test out our gear in underpowered conditions. Anything from the floatation balance of the boards to the low-end pull of the new NCX was tested and noted. The afternoons brought the standard, stronger cross offshore winds, which truly put us and the gear through the test. It was a great experience for our team going through this type of variety within the same day. It gave us valuable insights into the performance of our gear.

Assisting us with the testing was the excited staff of the center, whom all are good windsurfers, and it was great to see them enjoying riding our next-generation equipment.



When not at the beach, we took advantage of the truly amazing surroundings of the “Sol Beach House at Meliá Fuerteventura” only-adult hotel which is a great contrast of calm and quiet after a long day at the beach. What is a good testing trip without great dinners and laughs in the evenings?


We always enjoy connecting with windsurfers around the world and giving them an insight into ours. On this trip, we were lucky to have Ben Severne himself present to fill everyone in on the latest in equipment development and technology we can expect to be seeing from Severne in the future years to come.


Thank you, René Egli and Sol Beach House at Meliá Fuerteventura for hosting us on this great trip, and we are looking forward to our next testing trip.

You can check out all of the info about René Egli in Fuerteventura by following this link >>