Hey I am Felix, I am a 23 year old freestyle windsurfer from the west of Germany. I am one of the new comers to the freestyle scene. I started freestyling quiet late, with 17 years after I finished my high school degree. Afterwards I started traveling and met some of the craziest freestyle windsurfers like Balz Müller or Amado Vrieswijk who I now call my teammates. It was always a crazy big inspiration to see these guys doing the big moves on the freestyle gear so I decided to start doing the same. After some years of training I now got the opportunity to join the best and coolest freestyle team there is and I feel more than honored for this opportunity. Can’t wait for the upcoming season and what the future will bring for me on this amazing team!


2021 EFPT Neusiedl am See, Austria 9th place
2021 EFPT Winner of the Most Improved Rider Award 2021




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Rookie Revolution Camp 2022

At the fall of 2022, Severne riders Lina Erpenstein and Felix Volkhardt hosted the first-ever “Rookie Revolution Camp” in collaboration with Prasonisi Center. Aimed at up-and-coming young rippers looking to go next level on their skills, and based in one of the best windsurfing spots in Europe, the first edition of the Rookie Revolution Camp was a success.

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