Taranaki turns it on for TWC 2020

Despite the relative isolation and protection from modern day scourge of viral affliction, the Kiwi’s at the bottom of the World enjoy some pretty special moments. One of which occurs annually each October; centred around the sensationally rugged West Coast NZ surf capital of Taranaki.

Taranaki isn’t a town, it’s a legendary region. And even more succinctly, it’s a way of life. A place where windsurf reputations can be made. Or broken, along long ragged and rocky beaches, strewn with the car sized boulders, cliffs and headlands that surround the sensational scenic Mt Egmont. Otherwise known as Mt Taranaki. Or just “the Mountain”. As they say; Like No Other.

Bevan + Heidi operate Water Nomads, a dedicated high performance windsurf rental and adventure agency based in Taranaki. Always a big week for them and no shortage of Severne equipment going around. Getting in early, they were rewarded with a wild session in Bayly Road on together with local Jason Coxhead and Erik Noack and a near solo session in Kina Road with Spencer Lewis.

Wind and swell delivered in time for the (covidly unofficial) TWC 2020: a head to mast high swell with fairly light winds (10-12knts) in Kina Road on Saturday morning. The tide was low in the morning, what didn’t stop locals Erik Noack and Christophe Massa of showing everyone else how good the float and ride conditions really are. It was as busy as if the event would have been officially happening with 40-45 sailors from Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and of course the many locals ripping solid local conditions. Yes, make no mistake. Taranaki turns it on.

Sunday dawned similar; a little bit smaller swell and a little more wind (12-15knts). Again, the road was parked up way back. Not many people were found on the beach during the peak time – everyone was on the water and came back with a big smile on their face. Good times!

Epic food and hospitality, not to mention local brew are definitely an integral part of any Taranaki event, and this year Taranaki Windsurf Club presented on the beach BBQs on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Always a classic end to a great session sharing a sausage and a beer.

Monday delivered Groundhog Day. Back to the “trenches” but minus the crowds. Many visitors headed home after the weekend, but the Water Nomads customers and the locals had another day of head to mast high waves and 10-12knts of wind to themselves. Sunny and warm, but no mountain scenes this year.

And as always, hard to leave beautiful Taranaki. Can’t wait to get back there next year.

Or perhaps on the next Water Nomads trip early December.

Photo Credits: Bevan Thrower/ Water Nomads

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