Bookending a historical event

As we’re all headed back home after this year’s Defi Wind we’re looking back at four days of nonstop fun!

The wind didn’t serve up the typical Tramuntana conditions this year. But rather, it left space open for quiet sun-soaked days of hangouts on the beach, lots of gear talks, activities, and the occasional fun race.

Images by Defi Wind and Severne Windsurfing

Even without the typical world-famous Defi Wind rabbit start race, there were plenty of activities to keep yourself entertained every single day.

At the Severne area, visitors were able to join meet & greets every single night, but this year, the entertainment was supercharged. Friday, we hosted a sudden death foosball challenge where anyone could challenge team Severne for a game and walk away with fresh t-shirts.

Saturday, the Severne booth was converted into an art studio where HUGU live painted insane graphics onto a Predator Foil board for Balz “radiculo” Müller. The end result is nothing but mindblowing! The one-of-a-kind Predator foilstyle board will go with the now-famous Flame FoilFreek sail. Read on for more.


Next to all of the nonstop activities on land, the wind finally did come through on the weekend to run a few fun races. It wasn’t the typical full fleet we see in all of the media, but rather an ultra-light wind race where only a small part of the fleet was able to finish the whole course. Most of the top riders did participate, and it brought the first glimpses of the showdowns we might see more of this year. 

Congratulations to our riders Matteo Iachino and Femke van der Veen taking respectively first and third place at the 2024 Defi Fun Race

Matteo registered fourth place in the first race and first place in the second one, both races on the all-new Hyper 7, taking home the win in the Men’s Overall. While Femke with a seventh and a second place, racing the latest Mach 7, ended up in third place in the womens fleet.


This year, we had five World Champions present at the Severne booth. Among them were Matteo Iachino, the most recent Speed and Slalom World Champion; Blanca Alabau, the Women’s Slalom World Champion; Amado Vrieswijk, Vice Slalom World Champion and former Freestyle World Champion; Dieter van der Eyken, Freestyle World Champion; and Bjorn Dunkerbeck, who boasts an incredible 42 World Championship titles.

Visitors were able to mingle with all of team Severne at our meet & greets to talk about everything windsurfing and catch a photo or a signed poster. Team Severne consists of a wide variety of riders who all share one thing in common; the love of windsurfing, and they are always stoked to talk to like-minded windsurfers from all across the world.

On display, visitors could see what is in the works for the future, and put their hands on the latest products in the Severne range. Also, the most unique “HUGU x BALZ PRO” Predator and FoilFreek.


On Friday evening, anyone attending the Severne booth had their fair chance to say they were able to beat the World Champs, but not necessarily on the water. We organised a sudden-death foosball tournament, and everyone who was able to beat anyone on the Severne team walked away with a special edition Defi-Wind T-shirt.

Safe to say the crowds were big during the two-hour window of opportunity, and more than a few walked away with fresh new Severne T-shirts as their prize. Team Severne has got some practice to do for next year!

Great to see so many happy faces and good vibes across the board!


Pairing up art and sport, Severne proudly partnered with the artist “HUGU” during the latest edition of Defi Wind.

This collaboration wasn’t just about what happens on the water, it was about expressing ourselves on land too. Together, we organized a live paint session, transforming a Predator Foil board into a masterpiece for none other than the legendary Balz “radiculo” Muller. A board that would perfectly pair with his one-of-a-kind Flame FoilFreek sail.

Saturday afternoon, we transformed our booth into a studio where everyone stopping by were able to witness artwork history in the making. A completely white Severne Predator foilstyle board was transformed step by step throughout the day, and each step was more impressive than the previous. The result was nothing short of surreal.

For Balz, this customized board isn’t just a piece of equipment, it’s an extension of his identity – the canvas he imagines when he hits the water. His next session will be with a piece of history beneath his feet. 

Severne is committed to a different approach, but also to offering a platform for those who are truly passionate about what they do, and this collaboration was the perfect embodiment of that approach. 


The Severne booth was packed with superstars at this year’s Defi Wind. Each evening “after surf” sessions were planned for anybody to pass by and mingle with the likes of, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Matteo Iachino, Blanca Alabau, Cedric Bordes, Amado Vrieswijk, Dieter van der Eyken, Liam Dunkerbeck and more.

The keen visitors were also able to see a presentation on the current and upcoming technologies, as well as, the latest sail and board development projects by the SEVERNE brand. Those who stuck it out until the end of the presentation also got a chance to get hold of the official SEVERNE t-shirts, stickers, and stubby holders.

See you next year

As we’re wrapping up this year’s Defi, our eyes are already pointed towards next years’ event where we hope for the Tramuntana winds to return for a few rounds of high-octane marathon races, and of course, windsurfing stoke.

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