Scott Mckercher

The Lowdown 

G'day. I'm a 40-year-old grommet who basically loves to windsurf every bit as much as the first day I held a boom in my hand. Obviously, a lot has changed since then when it went from simple pleasure to 17 years of pretty intense World Cup competition. But since retirement from PWA competition, life has almost accelerated. I get to sail as much, if not more, scouring weather maps and chasing around the globe for one reason or another. Fortunately, I've been able to feed my addiction, helping develop products while advancing my wave sailing. Certainly, I feel my style has yet to fully mature, just like my brain.


June 2010  Had hip replaced
January 2010  Australian Wave-sailing Champion
2009  9th PWA Cabo Verdo
2008  Retired from PWA competition
2004  PWA Wave World Champion
1996  4th overall PWA world tour, waves
2002  2nd place PWA, Sylt, Germany
1999  Production board World Champion since
1993  Maintained place in top 10 (waves)