Philip Köster

The Lowdown 

Living just 100m from the beach in Gran Canaria Phillip has grown up windsurfing.

After already 3 worldtitles Philip Koster sustained a very bad knee injury at his favorite wave spot Gnaraloo in W.A. . This made him miss out on the 2th part of the PWA season in 2016 while being in 2th place of the rankings. However, with just starting sailing 3 weeks before the first contest in 2017 Philip managed to pull of the best comeback ever by winning his 4th PWA world title! 






2006 1st PWA event Pozo
2008 PWA Rookie of the Year
2009 won 1st Place Pozo
2010 ranked 3rd overall PWA Wave
2011 Wave World Champion & 2011 youth world champion
2012 Wave World Champion & Wave Youth Champion
2013 PWA Wave Youth Champion
2014 1st Place PWA Tenerife
2015 PWA Wave Worldchampion
2017 PWA Wave Worldchampion


Favourite Sails