Moritz Mauch

The Lowdown 

I´m 17 years old, born and raised in Gran Canaria. I started Windsurfing at 7 years old as my Father runs a Windsurf Center since them I´m hooked. I love the feeling of riding a wave, and doing tricks on it ;)


2007 Canarian Wave Rider (CWR) 3rd place junior 2007 junior PWA 2008 CWR junior 2nd place 2008 pwa junior 3rd place

2008 Vargas Festival 2nd Place
2009 Spanish Championship 5th place(adults) 2010 Salinas Team Wave competicion 4th place
2010 Pwa Pozo 33th
2010 Second of Spain Juniors (pozo)
2010 Second of Spain Juniors (Tenerife)
2010 Second of Spain Junior(overall)
12. of Spain (pozo)
12. of Spain (tenerife)
2011 33rd PWA Pozo
2011 33rd PWA Pozo
2011 2nd Spanisch Championship Junior
2012 33rd Pozo PWA
2012 2nd Pozo PWA Juniors
2012 25th Tenerife PWA
2012 3rd Vargas Festival
2013 Ist PWA Pozo Junior Event
2013 25th PWA Tenerife
2013 Ist PWA Tenerife Junior Event
2013 9th PWA Denmark
2013 21st PWA overall ranking
2013 3rd PWA overall ranking (U-22)