Balz Mulller

SUI 21
picture by wolfsfotographie
The Lowdown 

Know as the most innovating person in recent history of windsurfing, Balz Muller is transforming windsurfing as we know it with his unique creazy style. From inveting some of the creaziest freestyle moves such as the Shifty to now starting the Foil style revolution at his home lake in switserland. Balz has no limits and might be the most entertaining person to watch on the water when his not working as a gardenar.


6th place overall PWA Freestyle 2016

8th place overall PWA Freestyle 2017

10th place overall PWA Freestyle 2018

Inventor of moves such as the Shifty

Founder of the new discipline Foil Freestyle also know as Foilstyle

Favourite Sails