Lake Uri, Switzerlands Hot Spot.

Switzerland is famous for its Alpine sports. Especially skiing and snowboarding are very common and fairly mainstream. Tons of snow falls on the alps every year and melts into some of the most beautiful lakes in the world. And on those lakes, you’ll find Severne rider Balz Müller riding out the winter “Föhn storms” on his Freek freestyle sails.

Photos by: Christian Wolfensberger, Roger Gruetter, Alain Luck

Balz accounts

In the heart of Switzerland lies Lake Uri, which is a small part of the big Lake Lucerne. Only a few know of its incredible wind potential.

No other Swiss lake provides for more time on the water! In the summer you’ll be on your biggest sail and in winter with you’re surviving with your smallest!
Talking about your smallest sail, I’m telling you that, lately my 3.3 felt way too big!


I still remember few years ago everyone were telling me: “man I’m never going to ride a smaller sail than 3.7“..rather be fully overpowered then riding a super nervous 3.3 right? I bet those old storm sails were totally out of control and shape.

I used to hang on completely stacked and survive on my 4.0 not trying any move till the day I got that 3.3 Freek!

And I got to say that, over the past seasons this sail turned into my favourite windsurf rig!

Sure I believe people react like „och I`m not gonna buy me an expensive small sail I may use 2 times a year.. or not“ but I always say those few storm days may turn into the most memorable sessions of the season! I mean for me they definitely are!

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