Lockdown in Guadeloupe

Severne rider Tristan Algret managed to work his way back home to the island of Guadeloupe just before lockdown and travel restrictions were put in place across the world. Here is an account on life on the island and what the outlook for the rest of the year is for Tristan.

Guadeloupe this time of the year

It’s supposed to be calm but was windy every day… we’ve been a bit infested by the “Sargasse” … a seaweed coming from the south (Brazil) to the north and destroying all of the Caribbean coasts. Now it’s done and we can go back easily in the water.

Historically June is a good month for the wind, less for the waves… so we can sail every day especially with the foil gear. I’m using most of the time the Mach3 8.6 and 7.8 with the slalom board and the slalom foil bird.

Competing in 2020?

Yes, of course, I’ll compete, I’m waiting for the first French events which will happen end of august in the north of France.
I’m a competitor … that’s what I’m doing for 10 years and being stuck for 6 months without anything is kind of hard.

I am still doing the physical training, sailing and looking for sponsors … the normal job.

For sure all the riders can’t wait to be at the first event of the year!

The return to “new normality”

I’ll stay in Guadeloupe until mid of august … training at home and trying to improve my surf foil skills. I try to share my experience with the kids in Guadeloupe for one day every week.

Between the end of August and October, the events are coming back so I’ll be focusing on racing. At the same time, we planned to visit some shops and organise some promotional events in the south of France to promote the IQfoil and Youth IQfoil program.

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