Lockdown training on the island of Bonaire

Severne rider Amado Vrieswijk is one of those sailors who have been able to stretch himself across nearly all of the disciplines of windsurfing. After a trip to the Defi Wind Japan Amado was already gearing up for his next trips. But then the world wide coronavirus pandemic hit, and since then he has been “trapped” at home with some of the best all-round conditions you can find. After seeing countless clips online of Amado blasting around the various spots of the island, we had to give him a call to see what he was up to. Check out the interview below.

Your last trip was to Japan. Since you got back home the world changed. How has the situation on Bonaire been during these pandemic times?

Yes, luckily I was back on Bonaire in February.  Just in time before the island went into lockdown on March 14th. Tourists etc could only leave until March 28 and since then the airport is closed. Only repatriating flights can depart and arrive. A very strange situation here on the island with ZERO tourists. It’s all quiet now. If the ships and containers arrive on time we are well supplied with food. Social Distancing is the keyword, but not a big problem here as we are only 20.000 people on the island and living outside most of the day. So NO Corona-virus on the island. That’s very good but also an obstacle when the airport will be open again. Some can’t wait ( they see their businesses, mostly for tourism going down drastically) and some are scared. But…Bonaire has to deal with COVID-19 one day.

A quick look online reveals that you’ve been hitting the water regularly. Have you been able to keep up your training schedule?

In March the wind was up and down so I was on the slalom- and foil-kit almost every day. Training sessions with Taty and Aron every day in the late afternoon.  Also on the foil, we did some long-distance courses and combined slalom on the fin & foil.  From the 2nd week of April until now we have had strong winds and it’s freestyle time as much as possible. Bonaire offers 3 great freestyle/wave spots with different conditions. Sorobon – Lac Bai and Red Slaves.

Before the Pandemic, you travelled quite a bit: Brazil, Cape Town and Japan. Which trip was the best? Got any favourite?

I must say that until now Cape Town has been the most fun place that I’ve been to, it offers all kinds of different conditions with light and strong winds. Next to windsurfing, there are also a lot of different things to do like hiking and partying.

Besides that Cape Town is a huge meeting point with a lot of sailors which is nice.

With travel restrictions still in place for most locations, what would be your favourite place to go to right now if you could travel?

That is a good question, but I think the Canary Islands would be my answer, to visit the Islands like I do every year to have some hardcore conditions and having fun with all my friends on the water.

Amado competing in Fuerteventura 2019

Amado competing in Fuerteventura 2019

You have won Freestyle events, you have won Foil racing events, yet haven’t picked up foil Freestyle like your teammate Balz Muller. Have you been training secretly?

Hahaha no, I have not been training the foil freestyle, It really looks cool the way Balz does it .. but still does not really attract me that much… as soon as the wind is light I like flying fast over the water and making nice trips around the island

You have been a Severne rider since 2012. What has been your greatest memory and what does it mean for you to be part of Team Severne?

It feels amazing to be part of this team since day one! The communication and how motivated everybody in this team is awesome. I think my greatest memory is flying to Australia to see how the development of a sail takes place and being a part of it. Besides that, I really feel good with the gear in all disciplines to make the most of every windy day.

You can follow Amado online on his social media channels:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amado_vrieswijk_nb20/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmadoVrieswijkNb20

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