Rare south winds sessions

Severne rider Dieter Van der Eyken located on the island of Tenerife just launched his most recent clip from an unusual day. The town of El Médano, usually a busy windsurfing spot benefiting from northerly summer trade winds, had been laid bare due to coronavirus restrictions. But over nearly a week the wind entered from the south, drawing all of the local crowd back on the water. Dieter took advantage of these days to brush up on his freestyle training. Check out his own report and video here below.

Thumbnail by Mehdi Allam
Photos by Michael Maeyer

To get south winds in Tenerife at the beginning of June is quite rare, especially 5 days in a row. El Medano is usually known for its waves and wind from the NE but when the wind direction changes to SW the South Bay gets transformed in a flatwater paradise for windsurfing & kite surfing. Although it’s still quite gusty because of the mountain it’s perfect for Freestyle and Freeriding.

Seeing everyone who normally only wave sail go for their first freestyle moves or just racing against each other on Freeride gear shows very well how diverse windsurfing is and how much everyone here in Tenerife loves their water sport. Even with no tourist around due to travel restrictions (no longer now!), the bay was still pretty packed.

Nearly all the action in the clip is filmed from a 1-hour Freestyle session on the strongest & busiest day of the forecast with my Freek 4.4 and Psycho 92. Thanks to Lenni Jensen for filming, hope you like the clip!

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