VICTORY for Sara and team Severne

The island of Bol in Croatia was the host of the first PWA slalom world cup of the year. The conditions switched on every day and provided for eight slalom eliminations in both womens and mens divisions.
For the Severne team, all riding on the new Mach 5 and HyperGlide 5 racing sails, it was successful, to say the least.


Sara dominates

Sara Wennekes dominated the event from start to end with only wins on the scoresheet. Behind her were Helle Oppedal in third and Blanca Alabau in fourth.
Except for Sara’s domination, there were fierce battles going on within the Severne team as Helle Oppedal and Blanca Alabau fought until the very last race for the podium spots. Ultimately, after an early start disqualification for Blanca, it was Helle who advanced into the third spot leaving Blanca with fourth place. 

Tight battles in the mens division until the last race

In the men’s division, three Severne riders finished in the top 10; Matteo Iachino in third, Amado Vrieswijk in fifth, and Mateus Isaac in ninth place. 
For Matteo, it was a battle for first place until the very last race where he had to concede the top two spots to Bruno Martini from Italy and Pierre Mortefon from France.
For Amado Vrieswijk, it was a slow start with two early start disqualifications in the very first two races leaving him with a tough comeback journey. Amado’s speed, however, is world class, and he then went on to make nearly all of the winners finals, and take victory in one of them. The end result was an incredible fifth place overall.

Top 10 for Mateus

Brazilian Severne rider Mateus Isaac made history by scoring the Severne brand its first ever top10 result, not only as a sail brand, but also as a board brand. Riding the new Severne Hydro foil race board, Mateus made four of the eight winners finals to clinch on to a ninth overall.

New Mach 5 and HyperGlide 5  race sails – proven performance

With the large variety of conditions on offer, nearly all sail sizes were in play throughout the event; including both fin and foil sails. 

For the Severne brand, it was a great opportunity to put the next generation Mach 5 and HyperGlide 5 sails to the test on the racecourse. The end result is clear, both sails delivered the speed, acceleration, handling, and range needed to perform across a large variety of conditions.

The final result; multiple podium positions and multiple riders placed in the top 10 in both women and mens divisions.

Womens top 10
1. Sara Wennekes NED-33
2. Marion Mortefon FRA-118
3. Helle Oppedal NOR-39
4. Blanca Alabau E-3
5. Delphine Cousin Questel FRA-775
6. Justine Lemeteyer F-171
7. Sarah Jackson GBR-71
8. Tuva Oppedal NOR-29
9. Alice Read GBR-248
10. Adela Raskova

Mens top 10
1. Bruno Martini ITA-160
2. Pierre Mortefon F-14
3. Matteo Iachino ITA-140
4. Enrico Marotti CRO-401
5. Amado Vrieswijk NB-20
6. Nicolas Goyard F-465 
7. Johan Soe DEN-37
8. Basile Jacquin FRA-498
9. Mateus Isaac BRA-7
10. Maciek Rutkowski POL-23