Known as the biggest watersports festival in Scandinavia, it has grown from a local event to an international happening. This year, we had the pleasure of being a part of it. 

This year’s festival started with a long distance marathon followed by the PWA slalom world cup making up 10 days of daily acion.

In celebration of our re-launch in Denmark and the launch of our latest freeride gear, we invited all participants of the Waterz festival for a laid back after-surf session, to check out the latest from our flatwater collection, and to have a chat with our riders. There was also a sneak peek world premiere of what we can expect from the next generation Mach3 sail, which is something we currently are working on.

It was a fun afternoon accompanied by cake and local beers for our guests, and also a great way for everyone to get closer to our products and our riders. We look forward to following the new arrival of our products in Denmark