Severne Windsurfing was just voted best brand at the Association of wind + watersports industries annual boards expo in Hood River, USA.

Best brand 2021

We are very excited and grateful to announce that Severne Windsurfing was voted the Best Windsurfing Brand in North America at AWSI. Windsurfing is gaining more traction across the USA, and more windsurfers are getting to know the Severne brand. A big thanks to all of the shops and windsurfers who have made this journey possible. And a huge thanks to the Severne North America team for their incredible work.


About AWSI

The Association of Wind + Watersports Industries (AWSI) is a non-profit trade association dedicated to representing Windsurf, Kiteboarding, Wing, Foil and Stand Up Paddle Board companies in the outdoor sports world. Our top goal is to bring retailers and manufacturers together in the most efficient and economical way possible.”  Source;


Board expo 2021

This years’ board expo took place in Hood River, Oregon along the Columbia River USA. After a break due to Covid, the event was back with all of the major brands taking part from September 8-11.

You can read more about the AWSI by visiting

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