Next level freeride

Many Severne products have a lifetime which extends onto several seasons. In 2021, it is time, however, for the introduction of brand new freeride gear to complete one of the most technologically advanced ranges of sails to be released.

Sails updating after multi-year life span

More than just race inspired, the NCX takes design components directly from the Mach race sail to upgrade 3 main areas; Speed. Power. Stability.

Visit NCX product page.

The 2021 Turbo utilises cams to enhance foil stability and induce pre-set profile for power and constant drive through gusts and lulls.

All cams are positioned below the boom to lock the power zone very low in the sail where it can most easily be controlled. Swing weight is also improved by lowering all the hardware and allowing the upper sections to flex and exhaust freely. With fewer battens and less aggressive shaping than the race sails, the feel of the sail is much lighter and less locked in.


Visit Turbo product page.

Freeride foil experience unmatched with FoilGlide 2

The first version of the FoilGlide defined the freeride foil category with its lightweight, foil specific design. The FoilGlide 2 will take this concept even further with;

  • Monofilm construction – maximum stability & performance
  • 5 battens – reduced weight
  • 3 cams – stability
  • High aspect design
  • Lightweight construction

A new Gator

The Gator has been a stable of the Severne brand for years. The 2021 Gator features

  • 100% X-ply
  • Em3 upper – lightweight durability and flex
  • X-ply body – reliable durability
  • Em4 foot panel – increased durability with reduced weight
  • Size specific battens – lighter battens in larger sizes, stronger battens in smaller sizes
  • AERO-LINE battens

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