Scott McKercher wins Margaret River Wave Classic 2021

“Maggot creek” delivers epic conditions

Scott McKercher took the win at the Margaret River Wave Classic 2021 in some massive, epic conditions.

Jamie Scott
Windsurfing Western Australia

Despite also being the head judge of the event, Scott managed to sneak away for his heats and ride some bombs.

On the last day of the event, Scott has this to say: Well yesterday was a bit of a treat for the Windsurfing Western Australia ‘maggot creek’ classic which certainly lived up to its name. Managed to walk away with the chocolates which was also a pleasant surprise. This was def a highlight moment of the day though as I can remember straightening out being a tad mesmerised with what I was looking at. Huge thanks to Ian Pott who made the whole event stay alive overcoming numerous obstacles. And super stoked on the grommet froth getting to go out late in the day.

The winners of the event;

1st Scott Mckercher
2nd Simon Peters
3rd Bastien Escofet

1st Jonah Desforges
2nd Peter Kenyon
3rd Paul Lane

1st Karin Jaggi
2nd Jane Seman
3rd Maeli Cherel

Weekend Warriors
1st Sam Burnett
2nd Ilya Panagushin

1st Ollie Desforges
2nd Kai Morris
3rd Camillo Pillonel

A big thanks to the organisers of the Margaret River Wave Classic 2021 for putting on this event. You can find more information about the event on the Windsurfing Western Australia Facebook page.

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