Lennart Neubauer wins tow-in and foilstyle

Lennart takes a double victory, Maaike tops the tow-in ranking, and the boys complete a full Severne tow-in podium. The Freestyle Pro Tour brought back freestyle to Italy. The FPT Vieste has just come to its end after 4 days of action, and team Severne did not leave empty handed.

Photos: @ aalvaamedia / @freestyleprotour / @protography

Although the wind didn’t play ball, the riders and the organisers still spun action out of thin air.

A tow-in competition and a foilstyle single elimination were completed. In short, Lennart stepped up to domination level, and team Severne sure was hungry for those podium spots.

The end score is nothing less than mindblowing; five podiums across the tow-in and foilstyle disciplines.


In the tow-in, Lennart put down a one-of-a-kind skopu-funnel that left the judges with no choice but giving him the win. UK Severne rider Jamie Howard initially set the example for Lennart. Jamie landed a skopu, which gave him enough points to score second place, Lennart then did a Skopu-funnel to take the win. Completing the podium, was Bodhi Kempen who spun around a double culo effortlesly, giving him the third place and first ever FPT podium spot.

On the tow-in Women’s draw, a culo by Maaike Huvermann was the winning move, and German national Elena Dominick took third.


The wind left just enough room for one foilstyle single elimination to be completed.

With ten riders joining the party, from which five were on Severne sails, the team was in a good position to score, and they did. Once again it was Lennart who scaled the ladder all the way to the top, beating Yentel Caers in a very tight final. Another noteworthy run was displayed by Tim Gerdes. The young Dutch rider made it all the way up to fourth on the FoilFreek and Predator combo.

Here’s the rundown of the results: 

Women’s tow-in
1. Maaike Huvermann
2. Lisa Kloster
3. Elena Dominick

Men’s tow-in
1. Lennart Neubauer
2. Jamie Howard
3. Bodhi Kempen

Overall foilstyle
1. Lennart Neubauer 
2. Yentel Caers
3. Steven van Broeckhoven
4. Tim Gerdes

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