Product Info



The OverDrive focuses on reaching speed with increased twist and less back-hand pressure.  A lighter weight means improved handling characteristics.  The OverDrive can be run on either RDM masts or SDM masts.


Key differences between the Reflex and OverDrive are;

- Sleeve width: 33% narrower than R7 for lower weight and less water retention.

- 7 battens: Lighter, with a softer feel.

- Boom length: approx. 10cm shorter on most sizes for less back-hand pressure.



Amplifies the Reflex function by increasing the unsupported roach on the lower leech.
Re-distribution of surface area to allow shorter boom lengths.  The reduction in boom length minimizes boom flex so sail profile remains more constant in gusts.

Higher Aspect
Longer luff lengths and shorter booms equates to less back hand pressure, and the shorter boom length also makes it easier to clear for waterstarts.

Performance Construction
Monofilm construction mimics the exact sail prototypes that were tested by our racers to maximise performance and minimise weight.