Your SEVERNE boom is built to last. But there are steps you can take, to prolong its life, avoid breakage and any dangerous situations. 

Any early signs of wear should be dealt with immediately. If you are in doubt, contact your local SEVERNE dealer/distributor. Do not put yourself at risk by not attending any breakage.

To keep your boom healthy over many years, follow these simple tips and tricks we recommend for you.

Wash regularly in freshwater

Rinsing the sand and saltwater off your boom occasionally will keep it fresh for longer and free of potential corrosion. 

Avoid abrasive surfaces

Rigging up on abrasive surfaces could cause damage to your boom.

Boom head – Do not over tighten

Using the SEVERNE boom with the Lockjaw front end, you only need to apply minimum force for it to sit perfectly stable on the mast without sliding.
You should not apply more than 10-15kg of pressure on the end of the lever for it to close. This can be done with two fingers.
Many over tighten their boom head and have to apply reasonable force to close the boom head. This can easily crack the mast and leads to permanent damage at the boom head.

Keep boom clips closed

Unless while adjusting the boom size, always keep the clips closed. Having the clips open for a long time can stretch them.

Avoid sand in the tail

Keep the tail end free from sand and dirt before adjusting.

Don’t leave boom in the water while not sailing

Don’t leave the boom lying in the water for an extended period of time while not sailing. (water might leak inside the arms)