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Posted on Fri 15th Nov 13


This morning, SEVERNE dropped its first iPad application into the digital stratosphere. The first app is full of amazing content - and the best bit is, its totally free.

Get access to a unique collection of the best photos, videos and product information,... Read more

Posted on Tue 23rd Apr 13

Check out how to rig your Freek with 2 rigging tips and enjoy your next Freestyle session on the Freek even more! Dieter who helped designing the Freek for Severne talks you through on how you should trim your sails and what purpuse it has, this all in a cool edite with a few shots from Bonaire... Read more

Posted on Sun 23rd Sep 12

Ben Severne chats to the OTC about the 2013 Wave Sails.


Head to the OTC in Tenerife to test out the new BLADE and S-1.  


Posted on Mon 17th Sep 12

S-1 proto sail build.