Freestyle with Lennart

At a young age, Lennart Neubauer is already one of the up and coming stars of the freestyle scene. Based on the Greek island of Naxos, Lennart has some of the best training grounds possible, and he has improved rapidly over the years.

Lennart has shared some of his favorite moves exclusively with Severne along with a guide on how to perform them. In this guide, he walks us through “The Ponch”. Check out the full guide here below.

For the ponch, speeD is the key, the faster the better

Lennart explains:

Before take-off, you want to head straight downwind and then carve aggressive, like a lay down jibe.
Then you want to hit a small bit of chop to get hight, and put the sail parallel to the water. 
Top tip, it is super important that the sail goes first and the board follows.

For the landing, you want to look where you are going so your body follows, and the sail gets pulled off the water into a sailing position.

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