Is among the most popular spots for the PWA slalom racers. The strong winds and clear blue waters provide for spectacular action for spectators and racers alike.

This years PWA Fuerteventura World Cup will kick off in its usual style: A windy forecast and sunshine as far as one can imagine.

Matteo Iachino has already been on the island of Fuerteventura for a while in preparations for this event, and we got to ask him about his gear set-up for an event like this. Check out the mini interview here below.

Which sails do you usually bring with you to the world cup in Fuerteventura(Sails, masts, booms)?
– I usually bring 5 sizes. 8.6, 7.8, 7.0, 6.2, 5.5. I bring double from 7.8 down to 5.5 just in case. I usually bring 2 masts per sails plus some testing masts, especially for Fuerte to test before the event. That means around 14 masts. I bring 6 booms.


Which is your favorite size to use in Fuerteventura?
I love hi wind sailing and I really enjoy competing in that. I like sailing my 5.5 in Fuerte. The windier the better…

Which boom do you use on your smaller sizes? (5,5 – 7,0)
On 7.0 I use the new enigma 180-230. On 6.2 and 5.5 I use the enigma free move 170.

Is the Fuerteventura world cup your favorite event?
If Portugal is not there it is definitely my favorite event. Strong winds everyday and challenging conditions.

On the photos and videos, Sotavento beach in Fuerteventura looks like flat water paradise, but sometimes its choppy, and some waves roll in. Do you have any tips for people visiting the spot to set up their gear to work in these conditions?
hahah it’s actually really choppy most of the times. If you go there to slalom sail get ready to search for a control setup. Usually on the way in you want power and lift but many times you might tail walk whenever you make it over a wave. On the way out it’s hardcore and you’ll have to make your harness lines as long as possible to gain as much control as possible.


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