Eyes set on 2021

Training for the 2021 season is already well underway for Matteo Iachino. As excitement for a potential return of PWA competition this year, some things, however, are different. A full season of no big events and further development of foiling still leaves many wondering how the 2021 racing season will shape up.

In this Q & A with 2019 PWA Vice World Champion and Severne rider Matteo Iachino, he reveals his favourite racing scenario, how the year has looked so far; and how he sees foil racing develop.

Q. Back in training mode. What is different than last year?
A. Last year has been quite special with no major PWA events and I’m really happy to be back in Tenerife for our proper training at the TWS pro training. I feel great on the water.

Q. So far, how many days on fin and how many days on foil? Which do you prefer?
A. We did 7 training days and it has been really balanced with 3 days on foil, one mixed and 3 on the fin. I still like better strong winds on the fin. I love the way you can fight with small sails and boards during a slalom heat. It is really hardcore and difficult to find in any other water sport.

Q. Where do you see the development of foil going in slalom racing?
A. I think the light wind future will be foiling. The average speed around the course is higher and you don’t get stuck in jibes as we were before on 9.4 slalom sails. You can compete in same or lighter winds with a higher performance on the slalom course.

Q. How is the motivation level this year compared to last?
A. I love competing. It is my life. And I love being able to step onto the top of the podium. That is all of the motivation I need.

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