South Americans in Argentina

The 2021 South American championship was held in Puerto Madryn in the south of Argentina.
20 races were completed over the course of four days with winds of various strengths, and from a variety of directions. Over 50 racers took part. Severne rider Mateus Isaac won nearly all races to take the title as South American champion.

Photo by John Carter

Mateus sent this report; “This year South Americans were in Puerto Madryn, South of Argentina. An amazing venue to host an event, wind from all kinds of directions and strength. Four days of very good racing with 20 races done. Was incredible to see almost 50 guys foiling, including youth/junior, formula foil, and iQFOiL.

I had a great time battling hard with Bauti and Fran Saubidet and Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, and am super happy to win the event winning 18 out of 20 races.

I was using my 9.0 Severne HGO and iQFOiL board and foil in every race. Incredibly well-rounded equipment and super balanced during the course.

Super thanks to the organizers for making the event happen and for the invitation. It was probably the biggest foil fleet in a South American event.


Womens foil
1st. BRA-16 Prada, Giovanna
2nd. BRA-49 Bruna Martinelli
3rd. BRA-774 Larissa Schenker

Mens foil
1st. BRA-7 Mateus Isaac
2nd. ARG-3 Gonzalo Costa Hoevel
3rd. ARG-1 Bautista Saubidet

Mens formula foil
1st. ARG-2 Abram, 14 Nahuel
2nd. ARG-8 Mariano Reutemann
3rd. ARG-9 Fernando Consorte

1st. ARG-418 Matias Zavala
2nd. ARG-488 Marcos Achaval
3rd. ARG-41 Martin Reutemann

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