Only for the girls

The “Racer of the Sea X Girls Day” at the Surffestival on the island of Fehmarn  in Germany was a success. 17 women from the whole of Germany joined the workshop day coached by Severne rider Lina Erpenstein and Yannick Mittas.

By Lina Erpenstein and Yannick Mittas

Since the morning didn’t show too much wind, the day started with a Yoga Session right at the beach, followed by a surf skating session. Lina and Yannick showed the group of passionate watersport women how skating can help improve feeling, and improve turns and stance.

After a short lunch break, it was time to get on the water. Severne and Starboard Germany provided the group with the latest equipment so that even with the light winds of 10 knots every participant had the right board and sail to practice their heli tacks, duck gybes, and fast tacks.

„Even though the wind didn’t really push through it was super fun to be on the water with so many women! I am impressed by their level and hope to see some of them pull some front loops in the future!“ Lina stated after the camp.


The day ended with an after surf drink right at the beach, where each woman and girl could pick up their personal Severne T-shirt as a memory.

For sure this will not have been the last Girls Day.
Also Lina has several more camps on o
ffer this season, like the Girls Wave Intro Camp on Tenerife in August and some more camps at the Baltic Sea. For the latest info check www.1001grad-

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