Embarking on this new endeavor. Philip Köster will be joining Severne as a full team rider. This means that Philip will be riding both Severne rigs and boards in the 2020 season!

Photos by 2Goat Media

Adding to an already long list of milestones, Severne is extremely pleased with this new announcement. Philip has already been in Australia to test out all the latest Severne board and rigs combinations with our R&D team deciding the best combinations for the next season.

Needless to say that Philip puts his gear through the test in his pursuit of world titles and requires the utmost performance out of it. The same ideology which has been put into the revolutionary Blade Pro sail design, which helps keep Philip on the top of the podium, is already being applied to the successful Severne board program. And with the added input of the World Champion, the future looks bright.

Severne has been leading the revolution of gear development from the ground up since the beginning. Our reputation is built on confidence and the refusal to compromise on our design principles. And Philip Köster joining us as a full rider is yet another stamp of approval of the Severne design principles and mission… to create the best, most responsive gear to help you get the most out of your windsurfing!

You can always stay up to date with the latest from by following his social media channels:

Instagram: @philip_koster
Facebook: philipkoester.g44


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